SBV is a multidisciplinary innovation firm devoted to decentralized technology.

We support web-based public utilities that democratize opportunity, more justly accrue and distribute value, and promote our greater humanity.


Our in-house project studio, Workbench is an evolving team of innovators and contributors incubating projects in Crypto, Web3 and DeFi.


Currently restricted to Partners, Capital executes high-yield market strategies and opportunistic investments to hedge or leverage other SBV activities, across Crypto and DeFi.


Commonwealth is a value-aligned venture advisory seeding symbiotic growth and community.

Get Involved

We’re always eager to connect and to collaborate. Check out our Medium page to read more about our strategic work and thinking. If you’d like to learn more about us, to share your insights about the problems we’re solving, or to recruit our community’s insights on the problems you are solving, email [email protected] and get us involved.